I have to be honest with you, make up has never been my thing. I’m just not very good at it! I’ve always been incredibly lucky in that my big sister and many of my close friends have been more than happy to step in and do my eyeliner/hair/lips etc. After spending a Thursday afternoon updating my wardrobe for spring I decided to use my boots advantage card points to update my make up as well.

My first purchase was this seventeen miracle matte pressed powder, this one was actually needed as mine had ran out the day before. I had had better powders before but considering this was under £5, it’s pretty good.

Poweder 1 Powder 2

Lipstick is the one thing I actually have quiet a few of yet rarely wear it. So I decided to get a pale pinky colour as an everyday colour, this Kate by Rimmel is the perfect colour. I’m determined to wear this why more regularly and am putting it in my everyday make up bag!

Lips3 Lips 2 Lips 1

I got a message from my sister last week telling me to go and take a look at the Sleek Makeup collection in Boots, I popped in the other day and couldn’t get close to it due to the amount of people shopping it! I’m so glad I went back to it though and picked up the i-Quad eyeshadow and eyeliner. It’s already become my everyday eye addition.

Eyes 2 Eyes 1

What new make up additions have you added to make up this summer?

Love B xx

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