Springtime means one thing in my house…. It’s time for a spring clean. With the weather starting to brighten up now is the perfect time to have a good old clear out of your wardrobe.   Now is the time to pack up your coats and thick jumpers and to pull out your your short shorts and summer dresses.

First things first get EVERYTHING out. Try it all on. Once you’ve tried it on seperate your wardrobe into 4 piles…

1. Keep 

If you love it and Wear it put it back in your wardrobe…Nice and easy.

2. Bin 

If it’s damaged, has holes in or is just so old it’s a different colour to when you first brought it..bit it. Be ruthless!

3. Charity 

If it’s good quality and someone somewhere can get wear out of it then donate it to your local charity shop. It’s the easiest good deed you can do, someone will wear and love your used item and the money will go to a charity of your choice. What’s not to Love!!

4. Sell

If it’s just not your style any more but still amazingly good quality then sell it. What’s that saying one man’s trash is another man treasure. You may not like it any more but there will be someone out there who is willing to spend good money on it! It’s so easy to sell online, I love eBay but there are so many sites and apps you can use depending on what you want to sell. Or if you have that much, get up early one day and dona boot sale, £1-2-3 per item soon adds up and for one mornings works you’ll have a nice clear house and extra spending money too!!

Don’t just stop at your wardrobe, go through bags, scarfs, PJs, shoes and even your socks and underwear draws!!

Then jut sit back and admire all of the new found space you have and hopefully the pocket full of extra spending money!! What’s not to Love!!

Love B xx

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