So I know I have ¬†posted about my love of baked oats before here and absolutely Love them! It’s been a little while since ive had them so thought I’d do an updated version of my new favourites. I don’t like to syn fruit, so I keep my baked oats syn free and add the toppings afterwards.

1. Fresh fruit, creme fraiche and a smidge of choc shot.

My favourite choc shot is the original, but the orange is lovely too! I usually use about a sense worth, you get a good amount for your syn!

2. Choc shot and strawberries!

Who doesn’t love this classic combination!! Super simple and super tasty!

3. Banana and chocolate chip. Again another classic combination!!

Sliced banana and a few sync of chocolate chips, this tastes very indulgent but is lovely and low in syns yet very filing.

Baked Oats

Whats your favourite toppings on slimming world baked oats?

Love B xx

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