So after a very long break, I’m back!

Since my last post I’ve moved house twice, started a new role at work, bought a car, crashed said car, bought a second car, had multiple weekends away, been super busy at work and everything else that life seems to have thrown at me in the last couple months. But now life has seemed to calm down a bit, I think now is the perfect time to get back to my blog.

As it’s now 2016 I’ve decided New Year New, Start!

I’ve had a bit of a rethink about where I want to head with my blog and have decided it needs to very much rotate around me and my lifestyle. While there have been hints of Slimming World and my journey previously, as it is such a large part of my life it needs to be a large part of my blog.┬áThen there is all the other parts of my life, my love of craft and DIY projects, my enjoyment of visiting and exploring new places, my new found interest in beauty products and all that in between.

If I see/do/use something and have an opinion on it, chances are I’ll share it with you guys.

Hope you enjoy!

Love B xx

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