bryony davies

Spring clean

April 24, 2016 bryonydavies, home, spring
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January clear out

Springtime means one thing in my house.... It's time for a spring clean. With the weather starting to brighten up now is the perfect time to have a good old clear out of your wardrobe.   Now is the time…

Spring: rainy days

February 9, 2015 spring
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With rain inevitable over the next few months, an cute umbrella is a must! Here's my favourite on the high street at the moment. A big patterned umbrella is the perfect way to add a little bit of colour to…

Spring: Wishlist

February 2, 2015 fashion, spring
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Spring is the season for refresh, flowers start to bloom, the weather starts to brighten and the days get longer. I see Spring as the season of staples, for me it's about pairing jeans and pumps with basic tees and…

Get Fit: spring cardio

April 8, 2014 get fit, spring

[caption id="attachment_1525" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Image courtesy of[/caption] I love this spring cardio workout from the girl's at Tone it up, I completed this on the treadmill and did find it hard! If it wasn't for it being a set…

Spring: my wardrobe

April 5, 2014 bryonydavies, fashion, spring

The best thing about spring (apart from the weather getting warmer) is getting out your spring wardrobe! I love going through last years clothes, trying it all on and deciding what to add to my wardrobe this season. With the…

Spring: Lazy Sundays

March 9, 2014 manchester, spring

[caption id="attachment_1366" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Photo courtesy of[/caption]   I love a lazy Sunday morning, there something about being able to have a guilt free lie in, a relaxing brunch and drinking as much tea as you can whilst reading…

Spring Refresh

With Spring less than a month away, the sun has started shining again and I'm definitely getting excited. Spring is the perfect time to make a change, here's my list of things to try this spring. (more...)