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Summer: make up update

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Eyes 1

I have to be honest with you, make up has never been my thing. I'm just not very good at it! I've always been incredibly lucky in that my big sister and many of my close friends have been more…

Fashion: criss cross shoes

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I'm so in love with these shoes I just had to share them! Having not taken them off since I've brought them, they are by far one of my favourite Primark purchases!! (more...)

Manchester: Northern Soul

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Northern Soul is somewhere my boy has been going on about for a little while now, last week we finally made it and it didn't disappoint! It's tucked away on the edge of the Northern Quarter on church Street, it's…

Summer: my go to jeans

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Everyone has that one pair of jeans that they have in every different colour, my go to jeans are Harper Skinny Roll Up from Dorothy Perkins. It felt like I spent days trying on hundreds of jeans from every store…

Slimming World: Houmous

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So I don't like houmous. But for some reason after I saw a recipe for it in my new 'Slimming World's Little Book of Summer', I decided to give it a go! It was so easy to make and as luck…

Manchester: bake station

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Last week I met my boy for a quick spot of lunch, after spending some time deciding where we were going to eat, we decided upon Bake Station on Deansgate in Manchester. The interior is small and quirky, the tables are…

a whole lot of heart print

February 13, 2015 old favourties & new finds
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  With Valentine's day just round the corner, hearts are all around. Hearts aren't just for February, here are some heart for all year round. (more...)

Race for Life: Pretty Muddy Run

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While I've done Race for Life, a couple of times before, it was quiet a few years ago! So when my sister asked me if I wanted to do the Race for Life Pretty Muddy Mud Run in Bristol with…

Manchester: splendid sausage

So has my graduation fell on national hot dog day, it felt only right to go and have a pre-graduation hot dog! As I'd wanted to go for a while and at only £2 each, off we went to splendid…

Instagram: who I’m following

While Facebook and Twitter are great for keeping in touch with those you may not usually, as far as social media sites go I definitely prefer to use Instagram. I'd much rather browse through photos than I would read tweets…