bryony davies

Bristol 10k 2016

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So a few Sundays ago I ran the great Bristol 10k 2016 It's was so much fun! I was so nervous to begin before the day, it was the first 10k I've ran by myself and you always panick about…

10km Training Plan

January 11, 2016 bryonydavies, get fit
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So before last year I hadn't run since we had to do laps in P.E lessons and since last year I haven't run my last race in July. As it's a new year I've decided I need to up my…

Manchester 10k

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So yesterday my Mum, Sister and I all took part in the Morrison Great Manchester Run 2015. None of us are runners and non of us had ever run 10k before. It was so much fun, even though we'd all…

Get Fit: what to wear to workout

February 5, 2015 fashion, get fit
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While we all know that great feeling you get after you've completed a workout. However sometimes after a long day at work and knowing that massive to-do list you've currently got going on in your head, weather you actually make…

Race for Life: Pretty Muddy Run

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While I've done Race for Life, a couple of times before, it was quiet a few years ago! So when my sister asked me if I wanted to do the Race for Life Pretty Muddy Mud Run in Bristol with…

Summer Salads

July 31, 2014 baked goods, get fit

There's just something about summer that makes me crave fresh, light dinners. Not all salads need to be boring, there's so many ways to mix it up and make them interesting. Here's a list of my favourite summer salads. (more...)

Get Fit: spring cardio

April 8, 2014 get fit, spring

[caption id="attachment_1525" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Image courtesy of[/caption] I love this spring cardio workout from the girl's at Tone it up, I completed this on the treadmill and did find it hard! If it wasn't for it being a set…

Get Fit: workout songs

March 30, 2014 get fit

I can't workout without a good soundtrack, I really so think it makes such a difference to your workout! Not only does it push you that little bit further but it makes time go alot quicker when you have something…

Get Fit: Kettlebells

March 13, 2014 get fit

[caption id="attachment_1525" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Image courtesy of[/caption] With summer on the way it's become clear to me that I need to up my fitness and ¬†get serious with my exercise routine! Now is the perfect time to step it…

Spring Refresh

With Spring less than a month away, the sun has started shining again and I'm definitely getting excited. Spring is the perfect time to make a change, here's my list of things to try this spring. (more...)