bryony davies

Dippy Duck Eggs

February 27, 2015 baked goods
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Dippy eggs and toasted bagels are my favourite breakfast, they are the perfect breakfast for a lazy Sunday. So when I spotted these duck eggs in my local shop and just had to get them. There a little pricier than…

Slimming World: pancakes

February 23, 2015 baked goods, slimming world
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sw pan

I came across a couple of recipes for slimming world syn free pancakes and just had to give them try and I was not disappointed! So simple and easy to make, plus they were so tasty! Here's my favourite recipe.…

Manchester: bake station

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Last week I met my boy for a quick spot of lunch, after spending some time deciding where we were going to eat, we decided upon Bake Station on Deansgate in Manchester.¬†The interior is small and quirky, the tables are…

Baked Goods: teacup cupcakes

February 18, 2015 baked goods
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One of my new years resolutions was to bake more and these cute teacup cake cases I got for my birthday (thanks Sam) made for the perfect excuse! This recipes is out of the Good Food cupcakes and small bakes,…

Spaghetti Bolognese

February 16, 2015 baked goods
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My favourite dinner has got be Spaghetti Bolognese! My boy used to make the best Spag Bol but I think I have just found a recipe that beats his hands down. (more...)

a whole lot of heart print

February 13, 2015 old favourties & new finds
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  With Valentine's day just round the corner, hearts are all around. Hearts aren't just for February, here are some heart for all year round. (more...)

Spring: rainy days

February 9, 2015 spring
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With rain inevitable over the next few months, an cute umbrella is a must! Here's my favourite on the high street at the moment. A big patterned umbrella is the perfect way to add a little bit of colour to…

Get Fit: what to wear to workout

February 5, 2015 fashion, get fit
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While we all know that great feeling you get after you've completed a workout. However sometimes after a long day at work and knowing that massive to-do list you've currently got going on in your head, weather you actually make…

Gift Ideas: valentines

February 4, 2015 Uncategorized
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With valentines just the round the corner it's time to get thinking about gifts, whether it's for a partner, your best friend or even yourself. I always think it's better to go personal than expensive, we don't really do V-day…

Spring: Wishlist

February 2, 2015 fashion, spring
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Spring is the season for refresh, flowers start to bloom, the weather starts to brighten and the days get longer. I see Spring as the season of staples, for me it's about pairing jeans and pumps with basic tees and…