bryony davies

British Cities: Dyrham Park

June 30, 2014 british cities

Okay so Dyrham Park isn't not exactly a British city but it is a lovely day out! We didn't get to spend to long there as we were driving back to Manchester that day, but managed to have a walk…

Manchester: Beef and Pudding

June 23, 2014 manchester

As a celebrations for all my exams being over my boy and me went out ¬†for some dinner at Beef and Pudding. After seeing it on twitter and wanting to go for a while, this seemed like a perfect opportunity!…

Baked Goods: oatmeal and raisin cookies

June 20, 2014 baked goods

My Boy loves oatmeal and raisin cookies, they are definitely one of his favourites. After promising for the last week to make them I finally did and here's how I did it... (more...)

Manchester: google city experts secret supper

June 17, 2014 manchester

Photo courtesy of Google and Devin Ainslie PhotographySo last Thursday I got to go the the Google city experts secret supper in Manchester, all thanks to my lovely man taking me as his +1. It was held in the beautiful…

Baked Good: fruity cupcakes

June 13, 2014 baked goods

Having just finished my final year of exams, so the obvious thing for me to do is bake some cakes right? First time I've made fruity cupcakes with actual fruit chunks in, I'm usually a chocolate chunk kind of girl,…