So before last year I hadn’t run since we had to do laps in P.E lessons and since last year I haven’t run my last race in July. As it’s a new year I’ve decided I need to up my fitness and I’m one of those people who need a goal to work towards, so my goal this year is the Bristol 10k run. My Mum and Dad live near Bristol so I’m making it a fun weekend to visit my parents and throwing in a goal to work towards too.

Since I haven’t run for a good 6 months, first thing to do when making a training plan.. see where you’re at. It’s crazy just how fast you can lose your fitness level when you stop doing something but also how easy it can be to build it back up to where it once was. It goes without saying the longer you leave it the longer it takes to get it back.

My aim for this 10k is to run it in under an hour….┬áMy last 10k took my 1 hour, 11 minutes and 44 seconds. So I need to knock 11 mins and 44 seconds off my time. I can do this right?!?!

I’ve set myself weekly goals but am leaving specific goals to be set after I’ve been out on each run. This way I can keep them achievable and build it up little by little. I’m one of those people if something is too impossible or too big I get disheartened before I even start.

My first run back took me 18 minutes and 37 seconds and I only ran 1.56 miles. So the next goal I set myself to run 2 miles, didn’t matter what time.

My second run took 24 minutes and 33 seconds, I ran 2.01 miles. So my next goal is to run 2.5 miles. Once Ive done that I’m going to look at the timing, but to set a time goal I need to see how long it takes me to run 2.5 miles.

I’m going to keep an update of my training and there will of course be a post about the race itself but I would love to know if anyone else is doing any races soon and how your training for them?

Love B xx

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